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“Sleepy Joe” woke up. Biden has a chance for a second presidential term


MOSCOW, September 9 – RIA Novosti, Renat Abdullin. In the United States, the midterm congressional elections are approaching, which, according to analysts, will determine the outcome of the 2024 presidential campaign. The current president, Joe Biden, has managed not only to raise his rating, but also to gain the support of many Republicans as well as Democrats. His main rival, Donald Trump, on the contrary, is increasingly sinking into scandals, making his partners nervous. RIA Novosti understood the American political order.

Rating Changes

According to Newsweek, according to the latest opinion polls, Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump by a significant margin.

The 79-year-old US leader has repeatedly stated that he plans to run for a second term in 2024, while his 76-year-old rival has not officially confirmed his re-election plans, although he repeatedly voiced this possibility in his speeches and speeches. interviews. Meanwhile, many Democrats were concerned about Biden’s prospects due to low ratings and age. However, with public support, the situation changed within a few weeks.

A new poll recently published by The Wall Street Journal showed Biden led Trump by six points. The Democratic president was supported by 50 percent of registered voters, while the former Republican president was supported by only 44. For comparison: The same WSJ’s March poll showed that both politicians were equal, with 45 percent support for each. By mid-summer, ten percent more voters were ready to vote for Trump than for Biden.

Approval scores for politicians’ actions were also nearly leveled. According to the WSJ, the country’s current president was one percent ahead of his predecessor: 45 versus 44. A late-August poll by the respected university Emerson College also found that Biden scored 43 percent, and Trump – 42. At the same time, the Harvard-Harris study (Harvard University and analytics firm The Harris Poll) clearly demonstrated Trump leadership a few weeks ago.

The personal struggle between Biden and Trump is also reflected in the inter-party conflict: the “donkeys” (Democratic Party) got three percent from the “elephants” (Republicans) in a month.

Democrats dissolved

Several factors played into Biden’s hands. The first is the elimination of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the second leader of al-Qaeda*. The operation has already been likened to the assassination of Osama bin Laden, which has become one of the main achievements of Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama.

Second, in mid-August, Biden received Congressional approval of the “Inflation Reduction Act.” The massive project will allocate $430 billion to healthcare, combat climate change and keep consumer prices low. The document was debated for over a year, so its passage through both houses of Congress was a major domestic political victory for the president, which won over both suspected party members and some Republicans.

Voters also liked the law – the Biden initiative will create more than one and a half million new jobs over the next seven years, according to analysts. The document also provides for a reduction in the cost of prescription drugs and health insurance, as well as – an increase in taxes for the largest companies in the country (the minimum corporate tax will be 15 percent of the profits of enterprises).

Against the background of these successes, the “donkeys” who had doubts about Biden in early August noticeably warmed up to him. The President is already being invited to election rallies by those who will fight for seats in the House and Senate in November. A month ago, they were in no hurry to involve the White House in the campaign, fearing it would do more harm than good.

Finally, third, Biden deftly played with the scandal surrounding Donald Trump, who was suspected of violating several laws at once, including the espionage law. At the same time, the current leader is actively bridging moderate Republicans who do not consider themselves part of the unofficial MAGA movement (Make America Great Again is the slogan of the Trump campaign).

Trump close to disqualification

At the Labor Day rally in Wisconsin, Biden said, “I want to be clear: not every Republican is a MAGA Republican. Not every Republican shares this extreme ideology. I know this because I’ve worked with key members of the Republican Party throughout my career.”

Biden’s rhetoric is clearly borrowed from Obama, who has repeatedly spoken about the need to separate Trumpists and ordinary Republicans. With the latter, he stressed that it is possible to negotiate at least.

Biden went even further, describing his predecessor’s philosophy as “quasi-fascism” at one of the rallies. The demonization of Trumpist ideology has had an effect. According to an Ipsos poll, 58 percent of Americans, including one in four Republicans, view MAGA as a threat to the democratic foundations of the United States. And sources in the Capitol say: many “elephants” are ready to replace the party’s candidate in the 2024 election. But it is not yet clear who it is for.

Later, at a rally in Pittsburgh, Biden rallied again to Trump, whom he referred to as a “former defeated president.” These words caused an enthusiastic response in the public, “Run, Joe, run” (meaning “run”, that is, the presidential candidacy). Later, during an official event at Wilkes-Barre, Biden called for tougher new gun laws, including banning assault models, and accused radical Republicans of pandering the gun lobby. The “hairpins” opened against Trump were again greeted with enthusiasm by the audience.

“Enemy of the Nation”

Analysts note that Biden’s current campaign appears more active, even aggressive, than the presidential campaign. Encouraged by the success of recent rallies, the American leader’s advisers plan to make him tour the country two or three times a week before the congressional elections in November.

While Trump has traditionally hit social networks with accusations against the establishment, calling his opponent an “enemy of the nation”, Biden has been raining down legislative initiatives. This is particularly about stimulating semiconductor production in the United States, whose supply is expected to decline due to the Taiwan crisis. It is important that this project is supported by both American sides.

As a result, CNN notes that after the “red wave scare” (Republicans), Democrats have more reason to be optimistic about the midterm elections. If he previously cast a shadow over the entire Democratic Party with his “sleepy Joe” behavior, he’s now partially rehabilitated himself.

The Democrats’ union with the Republicans, though not advertised, leaves no doubt that Washington’s foreign policy will not change, regardless of the outcome of the election. Squeezing Trump out of the political arena weakens the position of the “movement” MAGA, where anti-Ukrainian sentiments are rampant. But the pro-Kyiv Republicans – the “hawks” – are objectively winning. On the one hand, Biden is pushing their agenda more actively than they can. On the other hand, if the aid to Ukraine causes criticism among the Americans, it will be possible to blame everything on the Democratic president.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.

Source: Ria


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