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Post: England and its monarchy under attack


Today, at 11 a.m. London time, Charles III will be formally proclaimed king according to old tradition, head of the heraldic service of the United Kingdom, St. He will solemnly inform everyone from the James Palace gallery. The decision to ascend the throne by a special council convened after the death of the monarch is proclaimed in the City of London, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland respectively. The solemn coronation will take place in a few months, but these are already in World War II. Ceremonial details painted in Elizabeth’s vibrant years. Now, the farewell program to the deceased monarch is being carried out, which is scheduled according to the day and time.

After ascending the throne, the new king faces a number of problems. Queen Elizabeth II spent most of the continued existence of the monarchy in Britain. It’s no secret that Elizabeth owes her personality. Having met little Lilibet, Winston Churchill, as she was called in the family at the suggestion of her grandfather, King George the Fifth, immediately noted: “This girl has character.” The queen was distinguished by restraint, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility for her actions – these qualities helped her to gain her authority among politicians and ordinary citizens. One of the main questions asked in England today is whether the 74-year-old already middle-aged son, whose established character and weaknesses are well known here, will be able to set the bar.

Before the Queen’s death, opinion polls in Britain showed that Prince Charles, heir to the throne for several years in a row, was less popular than his eldest son, William. In May of this year, only 19 percent of those polled gave him a positive assessment, while 59 percent belonged to William, and 37 percent believed it was him, not his father, who should be king, with 34 percent abdicating. Charles. And there are many reasons for this. The first lies on the surface: a scandalous divorce from the “People’s Princess” Diana and her tragic death, which caused a lot of suspicion. This story left a very sticky stain on the future monarch’s reputation that could not be completely erased even decades later. History turned upside down and painted in detail, leaving it vulnerable.

There has never been that mysterious halo of power around the current king, leaving a carefully arranged appearance on the surface, behind which many things could be hidden. Perhaps this happened because, although it was the fate of many crowned people, for many years he did not have a full-fledged master of his fate. The former king of Spain, Juan Carlos, was often taken hostage by the dictator Franco in his youth, played a decisive role in the transformation of the country after his death and built his authority out of nothing.

During his decades as heir to the throne, Charles did not show himself in anything extraordinary. Everyone knows his love of the arts, gardening and his desire to save the planet from environmental disasters. Those who know him personally say that he is a very pleasant and kind person, but this is not enough to come close to the level of perception of Queen Elizabeth in society.

Public statements by the future monarch on matters affecting him brought him little, and rather were perceived as a threat of violation of constitutional norms that required British monarchs not to interfere in politics. Although prime ministers have to report to them on a weekly basis, they are handed boxes of documents on the state of domestic and foreign affairs, and those sitting on the throne should not publicize their views. In the British political establishment, III. Concerns circulate as to whether Charles will be able to resist the temptation to be heard and stay above politics as he should. In a recent interview, he promised not to break established rules when he ascended the throne. “He is a very passionate and enthusiastic person, but he has the deepest respect for the Constitution and understands the role of the institution of monarchy in the life of the country. He will not allow anything that threatens the system.” The London Times writes, citing a source close to the new king.

Even so, will Charles the Third be able to keep his relatives in check, which has greatly damaged the family’s reputation? Yes, and the king himself got into an unpleasant story when journalists accused him of trading with state privileges. Scotland Yard began investigating the circumstances under which a Saudi billionaire was promised British citizenship and even a knighthood in exchange for donations to then-Prince Charles’ charities.

His younger brother Andrew scored minus 80 percent, mainly due to allegations of rape of a minor American woman. Shameful case, II. It was covered up with great difficulty by paying millions of dollars in compensation from Elizabeth’s personal funds. Even the ultra-monarchist Daily Mail wrote at the time: “The royal family has been weakened by the irresponsible behavior of members of the Queen’s lack of wisdom. The monarchy can endure many scandals, but her survival is not guaranteed. The Queen has to pay Prince Andrew for keeping quiet about a woman raped at a young age. remained, the case went from a miserable scandal to a disaster for the monarchy.

What about those who see the monarchy as patriarchy in Britain? II. On the eve of the solemn celebration of Elizabeth’s 70-year tenure, the Republican-leaning Guardian newspaper made its decision: “The Queen has swept the kingdom through an ingenious storm of scandals, from the death of Princess Diana, to divorces. culminating with the departure of their children and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Harry and Meghan Markle)… This anniversary could be the perfect end to all this royal bullshit. People with the last Elizabeth should receive a historic farewell, her chariot and crown would go into a warehouse, and six of her palaces would open as interesting museums.”

Charles the Third is clearly not ready to be an exhibition. His goal is to prove that he is no worse than his mother to run the “firm” he inherited. They say he was behind the disgraced Prince Andrew’s deprivation of titles and powers. He also acts harshly towards his youngest son, Harry. In his first televised address in his new capacity, Karl said that heir to the throne, William, had been given the title of Prince of Wales, but that Harry and his wife Megan had received nothing but the “love” of the king. Now we have to wait for the promised sensational memoirs of Harry to be published. Meghan Markle recently said her husband felt “detached from his father”. II. After Elizabeth’s death, this distance increased even more.

According to rumors around him, Charles III advocates the “optimization” of the monarchy: its representative functions should be performed by fewer proven participants in the family business. The question is whether he has the qualifications to organize this process.

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