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Post: CNN: Biden, II. Invited to Elizabeth’s funeral without an American delegation


Queen Elizabeth II on the facade of a building on a street in London. Screen with picture of Elizabeth. Archive photo

CNN: Buckingham Palace threw Biden out of World War II without delegation. Invited to Elizabeth’s funeral

MOSCOW, September 12 – RIA Novosti. Buckingham Palace, Queen. He invited only US President Joe Biden and his wife to Elizabeth’s funeral, he did not invite the American leader to come with a delegation, reported CNN cited an unnamed White House official.

According to the channel, the palace sends an invitation “to the president and his wife only”, while in the past US presidents were able to attend state funerals with a delegation, such as the funeral of the former South African President. Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013).

According to the Politico newspaper, the British Foreign Office complained that Westminster Abbey would be so crowded that it was not possible to have more than two representatives from each country at the funeral. It was noted that only heads of state from each country were invited to the funeral together with their spouses or partners.

The publication also writes that heads of state are asked to come to the UK on commercial flights, the use of helicopters is prohibited. In addition, world leaders were warned not to use their own government vehicles to get to the burial site, but instead be transported “in bulk” by bus.

Buckingham Palace was unveiled on September 8 by Queen Elizabeth II of England, who ruled the country for more than 70 years. Announced that Elizabeth died in Scotland at the age of 96, she. He will be buried on 19 September at Westminster Abbey.

Source: Ria

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