Post: British, II. He asked them not to bring a teddy bear in memory of Elizabeth

II. After the news of Elizabeth’s death, people gathered at Buckingham Palace. Archive photo

UK residents He asked them not to bring a teddy bear in memory of Elizabeth

MOSCOW, September 12 – RIA Novosti. Queen UK residents who want to honor Elizabeth’s memory have been asked not to bring teddy bears and balloons into Buckingham Palace. should From a post on the website of the Royal Parks organization that manages the royal parks.

The message states, “Unfortunately, no gifts or items will be accepted, please do not bring them to the parks. You should not bring items unrelated to flowers, such as teddy bears and balloons.”

However, it is stated that postcards will be accepted. As for the flowers, they are asked to bring them unpackaged.

As local media reported, many Britons have begun bringing Paddington teddy bears with flowers to the royal residences. This is because in June II. On the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth’s reign, a video is shown of the queen, the heroine of the book by author Michael Bond, drinking tea with this bear cub.

Buckingham Palace was unveiled on September 8 by Queen Elizabeth II of England, who ruled the country for more than 70 years. Announced that Elizabeth died in Scotland at the age of 96, she. He will be buried on 19 September at Westminster Abbey.

Source: Ria

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