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Post: Media: Nearly a hundred employees of Charles III residence could lose their jobs


King of Great Britain Charles III. Archive photo

Guardian: Nearly a hundred representatives of Charles III’s residency staff could lose their jobs

MOSCOW, September 14 – RIA Novosti. About 100 members of the staff of the residence of British king Charles III were informed that they could lose their jobs after the new monarch was declared, informs The Guardian newspaper.

“After assuming the throne last week, the activities of the former Prince of Wales’s home … have stalled … While some layoffs are inevitable, we are working urgently to identify alternative roles for the largest number of employees.” the publication cites the words of a representative of Karl’s residence.

According to the newspaper, nearly 100 people, including those who have worked in residences for decades, received notices of possible layoffs. Servants, private secretaries, finance and public relations personnel were informed at the Thanksgiving Mass on 12 September.

“Everyone is on their side, including private secretaries and senior staff. All staff have been working late every night since Thursday and have faced this. People were shocked,” one source said.

However, it was noted that some staff members who “supported and advised” Charles and his wife, Camille, would not be fired.

According to the newspaper, at least 101 people work in the king’s residence: 31 people work in the private secretariat, approximately the same number in the treasury, and 12 in the public relations department. The household staff consists of 28 people, among them four cooks, three butlers and several butlers. Queen At least 491 people worked for Elizabeth.

Queen of England II, who ruled the country for more than 70 years. Elizabeth died in Scotland on 8 September at the age of 96. Prince Charles became king, took the name Charles III, his wife Camilla received the status of queen consort.

Source: Ria

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